Monday, May 25, 2009

Meeting THE Writer...

Let me start off by saying that I've had a fabulous weekend!

I managed to visit the Sydney Writers Festival on Sunday, see one of my favorite authors of all time and hear her talk about the process of writing fantasy for young adults. It was wonderful to hear her take on the writing process and her obvious attachment to her characters and the world she has created around them. I gleaned a few tid-bits of advice for my own writing, but all in all I found myself in the position of an excited fan; clutching my 15 year old copy of 'Obernewtyn' to my chest and waiting impatiently to get to the front of the line to get that signature, only to get there and not be able to mutter much more than a hello and a thank you before wandering off, stupid grin on my face a skip in my step and that wonderful book still clutched - albeit a little tighter – to my chest.

I had questions! But did they want to come out? Perhaps wisely, No! I somehow think that the 50 or so people behind me wouldn’t have appreciated my holding up of the line whilst I quizzed Ms Carmody a little more than what Book Signing etiquette would forgive me for.

But in the end I’ve come away with a little more inspiration, a squiggle addressed to me in my beloved book and a photo to prove it!


  1. Sounds like an amazing day Em with lots of inspiration. Maybe one day Ms Carmody will be lining up for your autograph...

  2. Congratulations of making the most of the moment, and you'll remember that day always because you have the squiggly line. Now, you'll have to tell us what you asked and wht she said!